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With this top up you get 5% of extra balance

*All amounts with taxes included.
At Hits Mobile we work to ensure your safety. Therefore we guarantee that all your transactions with us are protected by 128 bit v-sign encryption

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  • How does this section work?

    Your top up at hits is easy and fast:

    • STEP 1: Decide the amount you wish to top up. You have available from 5 euros to 30 euros.
    • STEP 2: Check the amount and confirm your top up.
    • STEP 3: Credit the top up amount with your card.
    • STEP 4: Receive the balance and a text message on your phone with the top up confirmation.
  • How can I pay my top up?

    You can pay your purchase with your credit card VISA or MASTERCARD.Remember that you have to activate the safe electronic commerce option Verified by Visa o Mastercard Secure Code on your credit card (consult your bank if you have any query).

    At the end of your purchase our financial institution BANKIA will carry out the recovery of your purchase. This guarantees a greater security and privacy of your credit card data.

    We remind you to have on hand your card with the data: Card number, holder, expiry date and the three verification digits (code at the back).

    When you receive the charge on your bank statement, you'll see HITS MOBILE.

  • Why doesn't my card work?

    Here are some advices:

    • Remember that your card must be Mastercard or Visa .
    • Remember that you should activate the safe electronic commerce option Verified by Visa or Mastercard Secure Code (consult your bank if you have any query).
    • Remember that you should have enough credit on your card to pay the top up.
  • What are the services Verified by Visa or Mastercard Secure Code?

    Verified by Visa is a new service which allows buying on-line with an added trust. Through a simple verifying process Verified by Visa confirms your identity when you purchase at on-line shops attached to the system Verified by Visa. It's practical and works with your own Visa card, you don't need to change it for a new one.

    And also, Verified by Visa is easy to use. You register your card only once and create your own password. When you purchase on-line, a window of Verified by Visa pops up. You just enter your password and click on it. Your identity will be verified and the purchase assured.

    For activating Verified by Visa on your Visa card, or for further information, contact your card issuer.

    For further information visit

    Mastercard Secure Code is the analogue service for Mastercard cards.

    For activating Mastercard Secure Code on your Mastercard card, or for further information, contact your card issuer.

    For further information visit

  • Where can I top up?

    You have many ways to top up your Hits mobile. Choose how much you want to top up and where:

    • Here, on our Website.
    • In your Hits Space.
    • On Hitsmobile App through a Paypal account (App downloadable for free on Google Play Store).
    • At any Point of Sale.
    • At any Point of Recharge (Kiosks, petrol stations, post offices, in shops like Hipercor, Telecor, Corte Ingles...).
  • How do I know that I have made the top up?

    When the top up is carried out we'll send a SMS with the topped up amount as a confirmation for it.

  • What is the promotion "5% extra balcance"?

    With every top up of 10€ or more that you arrange throught our webpage, you get 5% of extra balance. It's very easy!

    There are no limits of top ups! The additional balance will be applied the day after the top up.

    • Minimum top up of 10€.
    • Promotion valid only for online top ups.
  • I have a query. How do I solve it?

    If you have any query during your top up or while waiting to receive your balance, get in touch with our Customer Care Service. Our team is waiting for you!